Decisions on Hoveton’s planning applications are made by two local planning authorities – North Norfolk District Council and the Broads Authority. Hoveton Parish Council does not decide applications but is informed of all planning applications in the parish and is a key consultee, meaning the Council is invited to give its views on each application to the relevant planning authority.

All planning applications received by the Parish Council are logged on a Planning Register and are either taken forward for consideration at the next meeting of the Council or dealt with according to the guidelines set out in the Parish Council’s Planning Protocol.

Planning applications, particularly those concerning ‘major’ developments, can often evoke strong feelings and trigger passionate debates, so Hoveton Parish Council is happy to take local residents’ views into consideration when making its response to an application, should the consultation window allow this (the consultation period for all planning applications is now 21 days, meaning not all planning applications can be considered by the Parish Council at its scheduled meetings).

However, residents are asked to please bear in mind that the Council seeks to respond to all planning applications in an informed and balanced way, taking into account a range of factors including material planning considerations and the probable impact of an application on the community as a whole. It is therefore possible that, in some cases, residents may disagree with the Council’s response to an application.

As previously noted, the Council is merely a consultee on planning matters and does not have the power to ‘determine’ an application. Therefore, local residents who wish to comment on planning applications or who disagree with the Parish Council’s view are encouraged to express their individual views by contacting the relevant planning authority.

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Planning applications, decisions, and related items of correspondence received by Hoveton Parish Council are noted on the Council’s website on an ongoing basis (view the latest planning news). Further information on particular applications, as well as general planning advice, can be obtained from North Norfolk District Council and the Broads Authority.

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