Council Services

Hoveton Parish Council is responsible for providing numerous services throughout the village and for maintaining a number of amenities. The following is by no means an exhaustive list!

Granary Staithe

The unique area of public open space on the banks of the River Bure, overlooked by Wroxham Bridge, is known as the Granary Staithe. Purchased by Hoveton Parish Council in 2013 following a successful loan application and public funding campaign, the Staithe is maintained by the Parish Council for the enjoyment of the residents of Hoveton. More information on Granary Staithe.

Grass Cutting

In 2017, Hoveton Parish Council took on the delegated service of urban grass cutting from Norfolk County Council. Through its grass cutting contractor, the Parish Council now arranges for all highway verges within the village to be cut and maintained to a high standard.

Hoveton Village Hall

In November 2016, Hoveton Parish Council agreed to become the sole trustee of the Hoveton Village Hall and Recreation Ground charity. In its role as trustee, and with the assistance of the hardworking Hoveton Village Hall Management Committee, the Parish Council oversees the running of the Hall, ensuring this wonderful amenity remains open for the whole village to use and enjoy. More information on Hoveton Village Hall.


In addition to the garden on Granary Staithe, which is maintained to an exceptionally high standard by hardworking local residents, Hoveton Parish Council (with the help of a small group of dedicated volunteers) also now arranges the planting and maintenance of flower beds throughout the village, ensuring Hoveton will continue to bloom brightly each year.

Litter and Dog Refuse

There are 37 public litter bins and one dog refuse bin in Hoveton, many provided by Hoveton Parish Council, and the Council maintains a contract with North Norfolk District Council to ensure its bins are regularly emptied. To ensure Hoveton is kept looking clean and tidy, Hoveton Parish Council also employs a dedicated part-time Litter Picker.

Riverside Park and Pocket Park

Nestled on the banks of the River Bure, just behind Hoveton’s Tourist Information Centre, are Riverside Park and Pocket Park. Managed and maintained via a joint agreement between the Broads Authority, North Norfolk District Council, and the Parish Council, the two parks provide a haven for wildlife, moorings for visiting boats, and a tranquil refuge for the residents of Hoveton. More information on Riverside and Pocket Parks.

Street Furniture

Hoveton Parish Council provides and maintains a variety of street furniture for the village, including four picnic tables on Granary Staithe, three parish noticeboards, the village sign, a bus shelter, and 37 seats and benches located in Hoveton’s parks and open spaces and across the village. The Parish Council also supplies Hoveton’s grit bins, though these are licensed and filled by Norfolk County Council.

Street Lights

Hoveton Parish Council manages 65 street lights (known as ‘footway lights’ because of their residential location) throughout the village. The Council ensures these lights remain in good working order, arranging maintenance work when necessary in order to keep key areas of the village well-lit at night.

Council As Community Liaison

In addition to the services and amenities listed above, Hoveton Parish Council also acts as a community liaison, maintaining good working relationships with other local service providers in order to achieve the best possible results for Hoveton. More information on community liaison activities.

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