Neighbourhood Policing

In addition to receiving newsletters and reports from Norfolk Constabulary, Hoveton Parish Council maintains a close working relationship with Hoveton’s Beat Manager, ensuring any problems in the parish are swiftly reported to the police. Residents and business owners are encouraged to inform the Council of their crime-related concerns, though these concerns should also be reported directly to the police, so action may be taken where appropriate.

Stalham Safer Neighbourhood Team

The parish of Hoveton falls under the care of the Stalham Safer Neighbourhood Team. This team includes a Beat Manager, whose role is to engage with the local community and ensure the neighbourhood remains a safe place to live, work and visit. The Stalham Safer Neighbourhood Team’s Beat Manager is based at Hoveton Police Station. Find out how to contact your local police team.

Hoveton Parish Council receives regular newsletters and reports from the Stalham Safer Neighbourhood Team and works closely with members of the team on local issues. Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel (SNAP) meetings are held regularly to agree local policing priorities, along with regular Public Engagement meetings and surgeries. The latest issue of the team’s newsletter can be found below.

Stalham Safer Neighbourhood Team Newsletter (January 2021)

Community Speed Watch

Hoveton Parish Council is currently working with the Stalham Safer Neighbourhood Team and with Wroxham Parish Council to set up a Community Speed Watch team for Hoveton and Wroxham. Due to ever-greater demands for its services, it is not possible for Norfolk Constabulary to carry out speed enforcement checks in every local community on a regular basis, but Community Speed Watch offers local people the chance to get involved in speed reduction activities.

The scheme involves speed monitoring by trained volunteers, followed by education and enforcement from the Norfolk Safety Camera Partnership, Norfolk Police, and the Local Authority. A minimum of six volunteers are required for each Speed Watch team, each willing to contribute a minimum of one hour per week. More information can be found in the Community Speed Watch booklet or by contacting the Stalham Safer Neighbourhood Team. If you’d like to join the Hoveton & Wroxham Community Speed Watch team, please contact your Parish Council.

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is a scheme which aims to bring neighbours together; to create strong, friendly communities where crime and anti-social behaviour are less likely to happen; and to ensure nobody has to feel afraid, vulnerable or isolated in the place where they live. If you would be interested in setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in the Hoveton area, please visit the Neighbourhood and Home Watch Website to find out more or contact the Stalham Safer Neighbourhood Team.

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