Council As Community Liaison

Hoveton Parish Council maintains good working relationships with other local service providers in order to achieve the best possible results for Hoveton. The following is by no means an exhaustive list of the Council’s community liaison activities.


The ‘Highways’ department at Norfolk County Council is responsible for a number of local services. Hoveton Parish Council works closely with Highways to identify and report problems in the parish (blocked drains and potholes to name just a few) and to ensure a swift resolution to such problems.

North Norfolk Town and Parish Forum

Hoveton Parish Council is a member of the North Norfolk Town and Parish Forum (NNTPF), a team of hardworking volunteer councillors and clerks which aims to raise awareness of issues affecting town and parish councils across North Norfolk and to take action for the benefit of all local communities. Cllr Alex Howe is Hoveton Parish Council’s representative on the Forum’s executive committee.


Decisions on Hoveton’s planning applications are made by two local planning authorities – North Norfolk District Council and the Broads Authority – both of which consult the Parish Council when an application is received. Find out more about planning.


Hoveton Parish Council receives newsletters and reports from Norfolk Constabulary and maintains a close working relationship with Hoveton’s Beat Manager, ensuring any problems in the parish are swiftly reported to the police. The Council is currently working with the police to set up a Community Speed Watch team. Find out more about local police activities.

Wroxham Parish Council

In 2017, Hoveton Parish Council formed the Wroxham & Hoveton Joint Action Group with its neighbouring council, Wroxham Parish Council. This informal group, which consists of members of both councils, aims to discuss local issues and take a joint approach to matters that affect both parishes. By working together, the two parish councils hope to bring about positive change for the residents of both villages and the area in general.

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