Report It!

Hoveton Parish Council is able to deal with enquiries concerning a wide range of local issues. Residents are encouraged to contact the parish councillor responsible for a particular area of work in the first instance or, if the councillor responsible isn’t known, to contact the Parish Clerk. A list of councillors’ responsibilities and contact details can be found on our Councillors and Clerk page.

Many queries raised with Hoveton Parish Council relate to matters that are outside the Parish Council’s control, or which would be better directed to another person or organisation. The Council is happy to assist local residents with such queries, but in the first instance, residents are encouraged to report these matters directly to those responsible. The table below provides further details of where and how local issues can be reported.


Hoveton residents who are in need of more extensive help and advice, particularly concerning ongoing matters, may find it helpful to contact their District and County Councillor, Nigel Dixon; their District Councillor, Gerard Mancini-Boyle; or their local Member of Parliament, Duncan Baker MP (MP for North Norfolk). It may also be possible to obtain advice from one of the charities or community groups featured on this website. But if in doubt, contact your Parish Council!

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