Granary Staithe Works

While important works are in progress, and for the safety of members of the public, we have closed off Granary Staithe and would ask that you avoid this area completely. We apologise for this inconvenience. A specialist drainage contractor was commissioned to investigate drainage problems that occurred in the precinct during the periods of very heavy rainfall earlier in the year. These events caused flooding to certain local business premises. In the course of this investigation, it will be necessary to excavate a large diameter drainage pipe in order to assess its condition. This pipe takes surface water from a large area around the precinct and the village centre, clearing vast volumes of water during rainstorms. These works are an important precursor to the extensive refurbishment of the precinct due to take place this year, so we hope you will understand. We expect the works to be complete, and the area to be re-opened, early next week.

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