Stalham Road Speed Limit

Hoveton Parish Council has been contacted by a number of local residents who would like to request a reduction in the speed limit for part of the A1151 Stalham Road. At present, once Stalham Road’s 30mph zone ends shortly after the Brook Park roundabout, the speed limit as vehicles travel in the direction of Stalham is 40mph until drivers reach the national speed limit sign. However, many Stalham Road residents have expressed the view that they would prefer to see the 40mph zone abolished and the village’s 30mph zone extended to the national speed limit sign.

Bearing in mind that the 40mph zone is located in a residential area of our village, Hoveton Parish Council supports residents’ requests for a reduction to the speed limit in this location. All requests for speed limit changes must be put in writing to Norfolk County Council and all written objections received will be noted in a report to the cabinet member responsible for planning and transport. Residents may contact the County Council directly (Legal Officer, Chief Executive’s Office, County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich, NR1 2DH) about this matter, though your Parish Council believes a coordinated approach from local residents and the Parish Council itself will have the most impact and will hopefully result in action being taken.

Therefore, if you would like to see the speed limit on this part of Stalham Road reduced, please consider writing a letter to Norfolk County Council to request a speed limit change and then forwarding this letter to Hoveton Parish Council by 31st October (letters to be sent to Cllr Alex Howe at [email protected] or 2 Littlewood Lane, Hoveton, NR12 8DZ). Hoveton Parish Council will then collate all letters received and submit these letters to Norfolk County Council as part of a larger submission package from the Parish Council and the village as a whole.

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