SAM2 Data (May 2019)

The image below shows the latest data from Hoveton Parish Council’s speed monitoring equipment on Tunstead Road. This data captures traffic coming into the village between 29th April and 2nd June 2019, just a few hundred yards from Broadland High Ormiston Academy. Well over 40% of the traffic recorded here was travelling at speeds of 35mph or more; more than 500 vehicles (around 12 a day) were recorded at 50mph or more; and 35 individuals judged it acceptable to drive at speeds of 60mph or more, right outside our high school. As always, Hoveton Parish Council has passed this data to our local police.

SAM2 Data May 2019

Our speed monitoring equipment (SAM2) will soon be used on Stalham Road, so data may be gathered and provided as evidence of need for speed enforcement on Stalham Road, as has been done successfully on Tunstead Road. Two volunteers will kindly be looking after the SAM2 on Stalham Road and Tunstead Road, but sadly Hoveton Parish Council doesn’t have the human resources necessary to rotate the sign to other suggested locations at the moment (Horning Road, Horning Road West and Station Road). Local residents who wish to see the SAM2 used elsewhere are therefore asked to consider volunteering their help to make this possible. Please contact Cllr Alex Howe ([email protected] or on 01603 783 096) to find out more about what’s involved.

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