Planning Application BA/2019/0315/COND

Hoveton Parish Council has been invited to comment on the following local planning application:

Application BA/2019/0315/COND
Proposal: Change of fenestration to the riverside gable end and rooflights, variation of condition 2 of permission BA/2018/0248/FUL.
Address: Wilderness, Meadow Drive, Hoveton
Further Details: Broads Authority
Consultation Deadline: 23rd October 2019

This application will be considered at the next meeting of Hoveton Parish Council, due to be held on Monday 7th October 2019.

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Stalham Road Speed Limit

Hoveton Parish Council has been contacted by a number of local residents who would like to request a reduction in the speed limit for part of the A1151 Stalham Road. At present, once Stalham Road’s 30mph zone ends shortly after the Brook Park roundabout, the speed limit as vehicles travel in the direction of Stalham is 40mph until drivers reach the national speed limit sign. However, many Stalham Road residents have expressed the view that they would prefer to see the 40mph zone abolished and the village’s 30mph zone extended to the national speed limit sign.

Bearing in mind that the 40mph zone is located in a residential area of our village, Hoveton Parish Council supports residents’ requests for a reduction to the speed limit in this location. All requests for speed limit changes must be put in writing to Norfolk County Council and all written objections received will be noted in a report to the cabinet member responsible for planning and transport. Residents may contact the County Council directly (Legal Officer, Chief Executive’s Office, County Hall, Martineau Lane, Norwich, NR1 2DH) about this matter, though your Parish Council believes a coordinated approach from local residents and the Parish Council itself will have the most impact and will hopefully result in action being taken.

Therefore, if you would like to see the speed limit on this part of Stalham Road reduced, please consider writing a letter to Norfolk County Council to request a speed limit change and then forwarding this letter to Hoveton Parish Council by 31st October (letters to be sent to Cllr Alex Howe at [email protected] or 2 Littlewood Lane, Hoveton, NR12 8DZ). Hoveton Parish Council will then collate all letters received and submit these letters to Norfolk County Council as part of a larger submission package from the Parish Council and the village as a whole.

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Help Us Stamp Out Speeding

Hoveton Parish Council is often contacted by local residents with concerns about speeding traffic or road safety. In response to residents’ concerns, your Parish Council is currently looking for enough local volunteers to form a Community Speed Watch team. Community Speed Watch offers local people the chance to get involved in speed reduction activities, supported by Norfolk Safety Camera Partnership, Norfolk Police, and the Local Authority.

A minimum of six volunteers is needed to form a Community Speed Watch team, each willing to contribute a minimum of one hour per week. So if you would like to make a difference where speeding is concerned, why not sign up for Community Speed Watch? For more information, email [email protected], call 01603 276 433 and ask to speak to the Community Speed Watch Administrator, or register your interest with Lisa, the Parish Clerk (07572 349 600 or [email protected]). More information on the scheme can also be found in the Community Speed Watch booklet.

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SAM2 Data (September 2019)

In September 2019, the speeds of more than 150,000 vehicles were recorded by HPC’s SAM2 device on Stalham Road. The unit monitored outgoing traffic and was calibrated to 30mph, as per the official speed limit for this stretch of road. Despite the 30mph speed limit, however, more than 52,000 vehicles were recorded at speeds of 35mph or more, with 367 of these vehicles travelling at speeds of 50mph or more. The data collected by the SAM2 has been shared with Norfolk Police. Please slow down in our village.

SAM2 Data September 2019

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Barclays Bank Update

Some good news for our village. Our Parish Clerk has today spoken with a representative from Barclays Bank regarding the future of Barclays’ Hoveton branch. Despite rumours circulating to the contrary in recent weeks, Barclays have informed us that they have no plans to close their Hoveton branch. Hoveton’s bank will remain OPEN, which we’re sure you’ll agree is very good news indeed. Please continue to visit our website and Facebook page for accurate and up-to-date local news. We work for you.

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