You Are Welcome

Measures being introduced in Hoveton as lockdown eases have largely been finalised. The changes will start to happen in w/c 29th June ready for the 4th July “re-opening” and will be as follows:

1. Various signs will be placed on pavements around the village centre to help people maintain social distance. These will be placed in accordance with queuing arrangements agreed with each business and are designed to keep individual queues apart and to give sufficient space for those queuing to maintain social distance.
2. Benches will be moved off the path on Granary Staithe to accommodate safe queuing.
3. Foot-operated hand-sanitiser stations will be installed on both sides of the road near the takeaways at the bridge.
4. A barrier has been placed on the double yellow lines outside the takeaways on the northern side of Norwich Road to protect public safety, both in terms of protecting people queuing by preventing vehicles from pulling up here, restricting crossing close to the bridge, and to allow a maximum space between road and pavement for social distancing purposes.
5. Norfolk County Council has placed signage/stencils at either side of the footbridge to try to manage congestion there.
6. The timing of the lights at the Roys crossing has been adjusted to reduce waiting time for pedestrians.

As we previously advised, there will be no one-way system for pedestrians in Hoveton. All of these measures, of course, rely on the co-operation of residents, visitors and business owners and we hope you will play your part in keeping everyone safe. No-one really knows how busy the village will be and we may have to react to changes in circumstances. If you see any problems emerging, please let us know.

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