Wroxham Bridge Works Update

Following concerns being raised by several residents, our Parish Clerk contacted Norfolk County Council (NCC) today to request an update on the works taking place on Wroxham Bridge. NCC has advised that the majority of the works to the bridge are being done out of sight (strengthening the lower section of highway wall in the narrow passageway next to the Liberty restaurant), which is why the works taking place haven’t always been visible.

NCC’s team has removed the top section of damaged brickwork ready for the bricklayers, who are scheduled to start rebuilding the wall on Wednesday. The old stone copings are being cleaned and trimmed today and tomorrow, ready for reinstallation at the end of the week, while steel deck plate and carriageway repairs are scheduled for next Monday. The good news is that these works are currently ahead of schedule and so, providing the team don’t encounter any unexpected problems, they are pushing to finish the works ahead of the original estimated completion date.

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