UK Power Networks Advice

With high winds and rain (Storm Gareth) arriving in the region today, Hoveton Parish Council has received some timely advice from UK Power Networks. Though the electricity network is built to be resilient, high winds and rain can damage overhead power lines, resulting in some customers losing their electricity supply. Where this happens, UK Power Networks works to restore power as quickly and safely as possible, with additional staff in its contact centre to help customers whose electricity supply might be affected, and additional engineers to carry out repairs to the electricity network. Regular updates will be available at and @UKPowerNetworks during this period.

Anyone experiencing a power cut can:

Please stay well clear from power lines. Anyone spotting a damaged power line should report it to UK Power Networks immediately by calling 105 from a landline or mobile phone. If electricity lines are down or causing significant risk to the public, please call 999. UK Power Networks provides extra help to customers on its Priority Services Register during a power cut. Households with older or disabled people, those with children under five, or where someone uses medical or mobility equipment that requires electricity, for example, can join the register. Visit for details.

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