Please Park Responsibly

Local residents have recently raised concerns with Hoveton Parish Council over ongoing incidents of inconsiderate (often illegal) parking taking place on Horning Road, opposite St. John’s Community Primary School. It has been reported that at school drop-off and pick-up times, drivers are routinely ignoring the double yellow lines and yellow zig-zag lines outside the school in order to park on grass verges and on the pavement between posts and trees along the Three Rivers Way.

This inconsiderate parking is not only causing damage to the grass verges, but it is obstructing the Three Rivers Way for cyclists and pedestrians who wish to use it and is creating a hazard outside the school in terms of road safety. Your Parish Council has reported this problem to the relevant parties but, in the meantime, it would like to ask those responsible to please park more responsibly in the future or, if possible, to travel to the school in another way (for instance, by foot, bike, public transport or car sharing).

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