Welcome Cllr Alan Scott

Hoveton Parish Council is pleased to announce the co-option of a new parish councillor, Mr Alan Scott, who joined the Council at our December meeting. Cllr Scott lives on Brook Park and is already proving a very valuable addition to the Parish Council team. Hoveton Parish Council would like to extend a warm welcome to Cllr Scott and to wish him well in his new role as a parish councillor.

Following Cllr Scott’s co-option, there are still four vacant seats around Hoveton Parish Council’s table. Perhaps you’d like to join us too? The role of a parish councillor is truly rewarding and fulfilling. It gives you the opportunity to play a key role in the decisions that affect life in our village and to make a positive contribution to the many areas of work the Parish Council is involved in. Have you ever thought about becoming a parish councillor? Our Becoming A Parish Councillor page will tell you a little more about what’s involved.

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