Council Meetings

Hoveton Parish Council’s meetings are held monthly in the Jubilee Room at Hoveton Village Hall. The meetings currently take place at 6.30pm, usually on either the first Monday of the month (excluding bank holidays) or the first Wednesday of the month. A full list of meeting dates for this year can be found below.

Members of the public are welcome to attend Hoveton Parish Council’s meetings and are encouraged to do so. Each meeting includes an allocated time slot for ‘public speaking’, during which local residents and other members of the public have the opportunity to contribute to the meeting, ask questions, and express their views.

Any items to be considered by the Parish Council at a meeting are outlined in an agenda, which is circulated to councillors and published at least three clear days prior to the meeting. All decisions taken by the Council at a meeting are recorded in the minutes of that meeting.

View the minutes of Council meetings.

Next Meeting

Hoveton Parish Council’s next meeting will be held on Monday 3rd December 2018 at 6.30pm in the Jubilee Room at Hoveton Village Hall, and all are welcome to attend.

Meeting Dates 2018

Meetings to start at 6.30pm and to be held in the Jubilee Room at Hoveton Village Hall, unless otherwise stated.

Wednesday 10th January
Monday 5th February
Wednesday 7th March
Monday 9th April
Wednesday 2nd May*
Monday 4th June
Wednesday 4th July
Monday 6th August
Wednesday 5th September
Monday 8th October
Wednesday 7th November
Monday 3rd December

*Annual Parish Meeting, 6pm start, followed by Annual Parish Council Meeting

Annual Parish Meeting

Hoveton’s Annual Parish Meeting is a meeting of the parish electorate rather than the Parish Council (though the meeting is arranged by Hoveton Parish Council and chaired by the Parish Council’s Chairman). It is a relatively informal event, offering residents the opportunity to meet, to receive reports from local representatives and community groups, and to discuss local matters.

Download the draft minutes of the 2018 Annual Parish Meeting.